Retail Insights EDU

Projects Retail Insights EDU+Product Management +Consulting 2021 With Kraido and two industry partners, we created an educational resource for retail store owners to learn operational skills from industry experts I contributed to the project by providing product strategy and management.

Reimagined Website

Projects Reimagined Website+Consulting +WordPress +CSS2021 The hosts of the Reimagined Podcast engaged me to redesign their website I developed the website in WordPress to ensure they would have a powerful, user-friendly CMS to manage their podcast uploads and blog posts

Nick’s California Tracker

Projects Nick’s California TrackerLast updated: 2020+Javascript +Google Charts As a native Californian, I was curious to see where I have left my footprints in my stateā€”so I started tracking all the cities I have visited on this map The cities may take a second to appear…

Basketball Hoop

Projects Basketball Hoop2020 I transformed my store-bought mini basketball hoop into a proper indoor hoop to take advantage of my place’s high ceilings for exercise during the pandemic lockdown …and maybe I got a bit carried away with some fictional NBA simulation spreadsheets

City Means (inactive)

Projects City Means (inactive)+PHP +SQL +Adobe CC2015 I created a website that crudely followed the prosperity of US cities by tracking some of largest public companies headquartered in the area


Projects Masquerade2016+ReactJS +MongoDB +Abobe I designed and developed a fun, interactive party game to play with friends in person Try it out with your friends! (3+)